Diamond Academy of Performing Arts

Kids UK‚Äč

A diverse, inclusive, fun (currently on-line due to covid) performing arts academy for children between 4-16yrs!

We aim to create great experiences for a child to develop their confidence, make friends & develop their natural talent in the performing arts area. We aim to mkae these classes affordable to those who really want to have a go & that have a passion for performing. New workshops / classes will be popping up soon! 

Singing, Musical Theatre, miming, drama, character development, movement are some of the areas covered here at

 Diamond Academy of performing Arts ( DAPA) 

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** We also offer Home Education sessions that happen during the week in the day to! **

This part of the website is currently being added to all the time as it's in it's infancy, so if you are interested then please use the contact form to enquire  about our  current on-line drama club and glee style singing club & you can also join our fb group!

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